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Mattress Buyers Guide

A good night’s rest is vital to your childs health and wellbeing, so take time to choose a mattress that is supportive for growing bodies and promotes deep, sound sleep. It may be a big investment but when you consider that we spend nearly a third of our lives in bed, buy the best you can afford and make sure that it suits your specific needs.

When should you replace your mattress?

We recommend replacing your mattress every seven years, but many of us keep our mattress well beyond this point, only considering a new one when it is showing signs of wear and tear, such as exposed springs, a torn cover or sagging support.

Support and comfort are the two main components

Choose your mattress

In every mattress there are two main components: support, which is supplied by open coil springs or pocketed springs and comfort which is supplied by the filling and sometimes an extra layer of padding on the top of the mattress.


Open coil springs The finest wire is used to produce a continuous link of open coil springs, creating a mattress that is strong, durable and resilient, for a traditional, supportive feel.

Pocket springs High tensile steel is wound into individual springs that are sewn into their own hardwearing pockets. Each spring moves independently to shape the mattress to your body’s contours, offering superior comfort.


A wide variety of fillings are combined depending on their individual properties to create different options of comfort and price. Fillings are combined depending on their resilience, durability, flexibility and ability to absorb body moisture.

Luxury white fibre This fibre offers a dust-free, soft resilience.

Cotton blend The combination of cotton and luxury fibre creates a soft yet resilient mattress layer.

Lambswool Cool in summer and warm in winter, this naturally resilient fibre is also breathable and can help regulate body temperature.

Resilient foam For a soft yet supportive feel.

Memory foam Originally developed by NASA, this manmade material softens with heat and moulds to your shape, helping you to sleep soundly by reducing pressure on the parts of the body that take the most weight.

Latex This natural filling sourced from rubber trees is extremely durable and has anti-microbial properties; it also adds a sumptuous feel to the mattress.

A pillowtop layer adds to the comfort


Bamboo Fabric This special stretch knit cover is used on our Back Care & Latex mattresses to help regulate body temperature so that you do not become too hot. It also adds a soft, luxurious feel.

Pillowtop This is a soft layer of luxurious fillings that adds to the mattress’s support, making your bed even more cosy and comfortable.

Other features to look out for

Anti allergy protection All of our mattresses have been treated to safeguard against dust-mite allergies. This protection lasts the life of the bed.

Enviro Fresh A treatment applied to give anti-allergy, anti-bacteria and anti-odour properties.




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